Operations and Maintenance Plans (O&M) & Training

Regulated materials often may be managed in place without causing risk of exposure to human health or the environment.

O&M plans document the presence of regulated materials, training requirements (for operators, janitorial staff, owners, facility managers), signage, inspection authorities, and inspection logs to document compliance with the written plan.

O&M plans are applicable to Asbestos and Lead Based Paint (LBP) when encapsulated, stabilized or otherwise at no to low risk of entering a pathway of potential exposure.

According to the EPA, a discharger shall have an operation and maintenance manual for a wastewater treatment facility. The manual shall be a guide for facility operation and maintenance. It addresses (i) The function, start-up, shut down, and periodic maintenance procedures (ii) A description of the appropriate response or facility adjustment to minimize the impact of emergency situations. (iii) A monitoring program. (iv) How inspections will be conducted (v) The periodic maintenance procedures. (vi) Procedures for routine maintenance and inspection. (vii) A listing of environmental regulations.

EnviroNET can write such manuals and arrange training and required certifications as required.

EVIRONET can write manuals, arrange training and schedule required certifications as required.

Exposures include:

  • Inhalation
  • Ingestion
  • Dermal Absorption
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Construction Worker Exposure