Landfill Services

EnviroNET manages landfill assessment and reporting for municipalities, a federal agency, and for industrial mining clients.

Included: Groundwater monitoring, hydrogeological studies, corrective action designs & implementation, preparation of quarterly / annual reports, and negotiation to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance reporting on behalf of the owners and operators.

We have taken over projects with decades of data and streamlined compliance requirements by analyzing permit documentation, correspondence, trends associated with data over time, and hydrogeological influences.  Where appropriate, innovative sampling techniques are used to reduce field expenses.   We simplify the compliance rhetoric and reduce the expense of reporting for Owners of Landfills accepting waste, and for Landfills in the Post-Closure Care period.

ENVIRONET assists landfill operators and regulators assure compliance with regulations and devise and implement corrective action, particularly concerning ground water.


  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Monitoring
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Post Closure Care