Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Air sampling is used to determine presence or absence of regulated compounds, particulates, fibers, mold spores, fungi, irritants, vapors and fumes.

ENVIRONET performs air quality services including:

  •  Audits for compliance with the Clean Air Act and facility permit requirements
  • Negotiations with state regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients
  • Determinations on the potential to emit regulated air pollutants
  • Preparation of air emission tracking spreadsheets for permit compliance
  • Preparation of construction permit applications for Iowa and Illinois facilities
  • Preparation of Title V and small source operating permit applications and Federally Enforceable State Operating Permits
  • Preparation of minor source emission inventory reports
  • Preparation of Title V emission inventories, semi-annual monitoring reports, and annual compliance certifications
  • Visual air opacity readings
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Arranging for compliance-related services such as stack testing

Our clients include manufacturing facilities, asphalt plants, quarries, ready mix plants, municipal facilities, construction contractors, paint shops, storage and transportation facilities, and others.