ENVIRONET solves problems, quantifies environmental risk and represents your best interest on projects large and small.

We are talented professionals with expertise in state and federal EPA, OSHA and DOT rules. Our specialties include assessing properties, remediation design, brownfield work, asbestos, mold, regulatory compliance inspection, and reporting services. Innovation and cost-effective response has allowed us to grow and compete with national firms. Our team also provides client assistance with industry specific training, compliance reporting, hazard recognition and contingency control training.

Corporate Staff


Molly Arp Newell, Founder and President of EnviroNET, is a Professional Geologist (PG), a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM), certified licensed Asbestos inspector, and certified Lead-based-paint Inspector and Risk Assessor (LIRA), with additional credentials specific to hazardous, toxic environments, real estate assessment, and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminants. She specializes in serving clients, resolving regulatory problems, and minimizing liability for project stakeholders in real estate development deals. Newell is a native of the Quad Cities who moved back to the Midwest after working in the oil fields of the Western United States, Southern United States, and the UK. 

Newell is dedicated to this area and to improving the local environment through public and private associations including participation in the Quad City Chamber of Commerce, planning commissions, non-profit board of directors, trade associations, and civic organizations.

Molly now serves as Director of Sales and works with clients and EnviroNET engineers to determine technological options for resolving environmental problems.  Options are articulated with time lines vs costs over time.  Molly also performs site visits and field audits for regulatory compliance projects, assessment projects and remediation sites.  She takes the lead on hydrogeological studies and water budget projects. 

Molly has FEMA security Clearance for environmental engineering work as an environmental planner. She oversees EnviroNET’s commitment as contractor on FEMA Zone 2, TAC IV (5 year) contract.  Molly maintains Federal Security Clearance to access munition plants and the local Rock Island Arsenal.


Robert Meyer PE (Bob) has 35 years of experience in civil, hydrological and environmental engineering, and a 30-year working relationship with Molly Newell, President and Principal of EnviroNET.  Bob has extensive DOT experience, Capital Development Board experience (Illinois), bio-remediation and brownfield experience, all of which are core services at EnviroNET.

Bob holds a National Security Badge for FEMA and completed a six-month deployment (2019) in New Orleans for FEMA as Sr. Environmental Planner to close out Katrina Hurricane projects.  Bob reviewed every environmental aspect for hundreds of projects, and networked with others to raise the level of communication and competency among the subcontractor personnel. Bob is an excellent engineer and leader.  He serves as Contracts Manager; sometimes as Project Manager or Project Engineer; Senior Design Engineer; Professional Land Surveyor.

Bob’s specialty work includes preparation of specifications for construction and selective deconstruction projects. EnviroNET completed a $1.2 Million job involving the decommissioning and recycling of materials, as appropriate, for three hazardous waste incinerators in north eastern Illinois. Bob wrote the specifications, and served as contract manager over documentation and compliance with contract provisions.

Bob holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, he is a Registered Professional Engineer in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and five other states; he is a Professional Land Surveyor IL, IA, WI and OH; Asbestos Project Designer Illinois and Iowa. Bob maintains his National Security Clearance and Security Badge for FEMA.  When not in the office or on field assignment, Bob is with family in the Quad City Area.


Kim Martinez, Director of Finance, Administration and HR, has over 20+ years of experience in administration/HR and accounting.  She is always available to help customers/vendors with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and questions regarding schedules, services and deadlines.

Kim coordinates with Sales and Operations to deliver superior service to clients and employees. Always helpful, she capitalizes on EnviroNET’s greatest asset: Our Professional Service Personnel.   Kim ensures training schedules are maintained and re-certification of professional licenses do not lapse.  She also assists Project Personnel to resolve client needs associated with insurance certificates, invoicing, and scheduling. Kim has a strong understanding of EnviroNET’s capabilities, and has established the capability for employees to work remotely, as required from time to time.

Kim is a native Iowan and enjoys spending time with her family.


Roger Geiken, PE has 44 years of experience in transportation and civil, environmental and engineering projects. He serves as PM, Project Engineer, Senior Design Engineer, Professional Land Surveyor; and QA/QC Reviewer on assessment and remediation projects, landfill projects, SWPPP and air permitting projects. Roger has experience with the preparation of Location Design Studies, feasibility studies, corridor studies, traffic engineering studies, value engineering, location drainage studies, intersection design studies, traffic signal designs, preparation of preliminary and final design plans, quantity take-offs, ROW plans, storm drainage, route and  land  surveying,  GPS surveying;  Designer and Project Manager for civil engineering projects involving surveys, field investigations, design, cost estimates, and construction inspection.

Additional project experience has included storm drainage systems; water resource systems; streets and highways; site development work; sanitary sewers; pumping stations; water distribution and treatment systems; citing of new water wells for potable use, and subdivisions.

Roger holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University, he is a Registered Professional Engineer in Iowa and Illinois; Professional Land Surveyor; Asbestos Project Designer Illinois and Iowa (inactive). Roger attained National Security Clearance for work in FEMA’s Zone 2 under the TAC IV Contract (5 years). Roger is the father of triplets and enjoys being with family. When not in the office or in the field, Roger is on his farm in rural Scott County.

Shay Rule specializes in environmental compliance and environmental site assessments.

Ben Beydler is a Davenport native and specializes in mold inspections and environmental research.

Additional Field Support Staff / Network Resources / Interns

Projects are staffed to meet client needs and deadlines.

EnviroNET has developed strong relationships with other small businesses and universities over the years to develop local talent and to network with design professionals with specific expertise.

Interns are welcome to apply anytime of the year.